Hello people of the world, welcome. I am Katie, a culinary graduate and I hope this blog brings you something (or at least makes you very hungry).

The only feeling I really understand is the feeling of being lost, even though I’m not. I’ve spent so much of my time being in the shadow of other family members accomplishments. I’ve spent so long trying to get attention from people – until I realized that self love and appreciation is the best kind. So here I am, doing this thing, for me. Doing what I’ve been telling myself to do for years now. Here I am opening up to the world in the hopes that maybe all of us looking for something really just had to look in their own hands or on this site.

And with that in mind, I bring you Esmerelda’s Garden. Esmerelda is my Leopard Tortoise. She is slow, but determined. She is small, but fierce. I would never imagine learning so much about myself through a tortoise, but she has shown me a slower, more peaceful way of life. Esmerelda’s garden is the garden of my ideas, my recipes, my photos. This blog, is just where I type them all out.