I’ve been gone for so long, it’s actually been a pleasant break. Sometimes in life, I find myself falling off. I usually do this once or twice a year when I get stressed out or sick, and i’ve been both the past few months. I am cooking still, often. I have wonderful recipes to share, but I am not sure if this is the platform for me anymore. Sharing to the world is one amazing thing, being able to put this out there for hundreds and thousands of people has been wonderful.

But change and interest in nutrition started small for me, and slow. I can’t expect to help people change on a small scale when a blog is such a large scale operation. It’s a full time job posting multiple times a week, cooking for hours and shooting photos until I get the “one”. Which is why I’m breaking up with my blog. I want to educate people and I want to do this in the most personal way possible, because for me – it wasn’t the information on the internet that educated me, it was the people around me and interacting with people about how they’ve come to find their own niche diets and lifestyles.

This being said, I want all my followers and all the people I follow to know how much culinary and life inspiration you have gave me. I hope some of us can stay in contact.

This is not goodbye forever, just a break for better things. I am currently accepting people for nutrition and meal plans. If any one of you are interested, please contact me for rates.

Love always,



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