Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Ravioli

After the rush of Thanksgiving came to an end, I was more than thrilled by the leftovers available to me. I immediately thought of ravioli. I have never made it before, I had just developed a killer pasta dough recipe and all that was left was to get to the kitchen. Now although pasta takes time to make, it really is such a satisfying thing to create as it takes patience and it tastes amazing.

Recently I’ve been busy – working on The Fundamentals of Nutrition. I have completed half of my coursework, and have found some shocking information. Not only is the majority of the nutrients said to be in food removed from milling but our soil has been depleted of nutrients for years, and the cooking of food can also leach out the majority of absorbable things our bodies crave. The one thing i’ve really had a hard time dealing with, is that the majority of us are malnourished in many more ways than one. Certain vitamins and minerals fight against each other, as some come together, some need to be chelated to proteins for better absorption, some must be taken alone or their absorption is highly unlikely.

The thing is, i’ve been in and out of my Doctors office recently with constant migraines, fatigue, mental confusion, the feeling of being stiff and weak and many other symptoms directly related towards my mental and physical well being. I’ve been through the tests, MRI’S, EEG’S, now I’m being referred to a study – in which I will be examined for hours of a day. Not once, and I’ve requested several times – has any doctor, or specialist, tested my blood for proper B12, Iron, Zinc, Folic Acid, and many other things associated with my symptoms. But, they have indeed, asked if i’d like to be on medication for my undiagnosed condition.

I’m sure as I continue my reading and assignments, I will continue to be a little frustrated with the turn of health becoming more about numbers and pharmaceutical companies each day. For the meantime, I will continue to cook yummy things and share with you all.



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