Tiny Caprese Salad

There is something special about coming home or going out, and realizing all your beautiful cherry tomatoes are ripe and ready. That all your patience has finally been rewarded with sweet little tomatoes. I personally have a few types growing currently and since tomatoes are one of my favourites I become anxious waiting for them to be ready. 

I really do think anytime you can pick your own food, and have that interactment it makes it much more enjoyable. The process in which you harvest, wash, and prepare your fruits and vegetables is all completely up to you. Hell, even midst gardening I seem to always find something to snack on either tomatoes, strawberries, peas.. all sorts of deliciousness awaits in my garden.

The health benefits of tomatoes are just about as great to hear as eating them is. They contain Vitamin A, B, C, K and many other minerals essential to regular body functions. They help prevent cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even depression. If you’re picking them too, they definitely add some significant soul healing.

Little Caprese Salad 

12 Little Tomatoes

1/2 cup Mini Mozarella

1 tsp Basil Pesto

Pinch Salt


1/2 Tomato

Cut your regular tomato in half and gut the insides out of it until you’re left with what resembles a small bowl. (This isn’t necessary if you aren’t planning on making it picture perfect)

Cut your little tomatoes in half or quarters if they are larger than 1 inch. Put in a bowl with your mozarella, basil pesto, salt and a crack of pepper. 

Mix well and put into your tomato bowl, or any other bowl with fresh basil on top.


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