PB Chocolate Nice Cream

There are so many ways to cool down on a hot day. Theres so many ways to treat yourself after a long week. My go to was always Ice Cream, and it still is. Unfortunately dairy doesn’t sit well with me anymore (or anyone for that matter, something like 75% of people are affected by lactose intolerance. Likely because we are the only species that drinks another animals milk and don’t produce the enzymes to digest it after being breastfed. The 25% that do produce it, evolution wasn’t cruel to you, bless your soul) after years of neglecting my sensitivity i’ve started to eat dairy free ice cream. I’ve tried Cashew, Coconut and Almond ice cream, all of which are very comparable and great in flavour. But what i’m starting to realize is that using Banana’s may be the most comparable in relation to the smooth texture, and the flavour is exceptional.

I never ate ice cream in large quantities, the sugar content was high, my stomach would bloat and I’d spend hours in pain afterwards. Now, I have a way of making ice cream that not only is delicious but is healthy – And I can eat the whole damn blender full without any guilt. 

IMG_2346Banana’s hold such a special place in my heart, and an even greater amount in my fridge.  I suggest stocking up always on over ripe bananas to recreate all your sweet goods with a healthy kick.

Too many bananas in your fridge? Try this healthy banana bread 


PB Chocolate Nice Cream

Serves 2 

3 Frozen Bananas

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Tbsp of Peanut Butter

2 Tsp of Cocoa Powder

1 Tbsp of Original Almond Milk

1 Tsp of SaltIMG_2344

Mix everything in a high speed blender, until the consistency matches ice cream. If you don’t have a professional grade blender, add more almond milk to help mix everything up without blowing the motor in the blender.

If you have Vanilla Almond Milk omit the Vanilla ExtractIMG_2347


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