Pb&J and Banana Pancakes

Banana’s are my go to. They are my one true love. They are usually how I get my servings of fruit in the day during the week because they’re so easy to grab and eat. Bananas are also so good for you. They lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and lower your chance of getting cancer. They increase your energy by all the potassium they contain (potassium is electrolytes, regardless of what you think gatorade isn’t the only source of them), they also contain some essential amino acids that are known for preserving mental health and cognitive function.

Once upon a time, I used to diet; When I was dieting I used to live by protein pancakes, and became, what I thought a pancake master. I tried multiple recipes along the way and came up with a pretty simple recipe myself. That recipe I would make twice daily for a year. Very nostalgic of my pancake eating days, because they were packed with the most energy I’ve ever had and shrank my waistline respectively. I decided to share a recipe that’s been in my brain for years just dying to get let out and tasted by the rest of the pancake eating world.

Some people wouldn’t take the time to make a healthy alternative pancake and stick to their box of Aunt Jemima or Betty Crocker pancakes, I admire you for doing so, but if you’re looking for an easy homemade recipe that your kids will love, that you will love, that won’t rev up your cholesterol, sodium or sugar intake in a day you’ve found one.


PB&J Banana Pancakes 

makes 2 servings as seen above, or 1 big serving

1 Large Banana or 2 Medium Bananas

1/2 cup of Oats

1/2 tsp of Baking Powder


Chia Jam

1 tbsp of Peanut Butter (your choice of PB or any nut butter by that means)


Fresh Fruit (I chose strawberries)

Shaved Dark Chocolate IMG_1949

In a magic bullet or any food processor, combine oats, banana(s) save some banana for the top of your pancakes if you like, salt, and baking powder. Puree the mixture until smooth, let sit for 10-20 minutes to let the batter rest.

In the meantime, heat your pan over medium and grease with whatever your preference is I do olive oil, but Spencer likes butter. Also, chop your fruit for garnish, shave your chocolate if you like, and heat your peanut butter.

Fry your pancakes for 2 minutes each side, you’ll know when to flip them – when the bubbles form at the top.

Assemble them one by one, putting a tsp of chia jam and peanut butter in between each pancake, and topping with the same. Add your garnish, and eat them all.



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