Sweet Tarte Baking

 SSweet Tarte Bakingweet Tarte Baking owner Haley Ruigrok and I met during our duration of Culinary School. After getting to know Haley as a friend, and as a lab partner we both went to work at a restaurant downtown. I was the cook, and she was the baker. We spent a lot of time working our asses off, never stopping to chat much. Once I parted ways it was shortly after Haley did as well, and that’s how Sweet Tarte Baking came to be. It’s hard to work for other people – even if you’re passionate about what you’re doing. Working for other people is prioritizing bringing home a pay cheque weekly which becomes more important than enjoying what your doing to the fullest, and thats just something that needs to change.

Any who, I remember watching Haley post her Instagram and Facebook page live for the first time; I can’t explain the feeling you get when someone else inspires you, but it was great. We had discussed doing a lot together when we were in school, maybe doing a pop up shop here and there, or doing a collaboration of sorts and now we have that in motion. I will be posting frequently about new things that Haley is doing, where she will be showcasing her stuff and all the contact information you need to get a hold of her and her delicious creations.

Also, the benefits of buying and supporting local business’ or start up business’ is substantial. Every time you do, you’re supporting someones passion. You’re giving them a reason to continue without doubts. When you support small business’ you walk away knowing you just supported their lively hood, and that you likely got it at a fraction of the big brand prices.

Rustic Coconut Cake 


Cotton Candy Cake – IMG_1491Originally we were trying for an ombre, but when you’re still testing new techniques or recipes it’s important you don’t have high expectations. Don’t get set on a finished product before you’ve finished. There are so many ways to fail when making a cake which is the main reason I don’t mess with baking. The measurements are precise, the ingredients are expensive, and the process is tiring. But don’t let that discourage you, everything comes with practice – especially when icing a cake.

However, I stand corrected when I watched Haley bake her cake. She was calm, it looked like everything was coming very naturally.  She said that she’s ran into some troubles while doing cakes – like the longer you adjust the icing, or try to perfect the look the stiffer the icing gets. If you are using a meringue, it’s possible the icing will melt, and won’t hold at all. Which is why it’s important to find the recipe that works with you.

Haley’s go to’s are her Vanilla Cake, and after eating it I completely understand. She also uses oil in most of her recipes rather than butter, which explains how she gets her cakes so light and moist. And don’t forget the sprinkles, because sprinkles make everything way better.


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