Tomato Vinaigrette

If you like salads you have got to try making your own dressings. First and foremost, have you ever read the label on your ranch dressing? Did you know that most of the dressings in your fridge are loaded with trans fats? preservatives? and artificial flavouring? By the time you dress your salad, you’re better off having a whack load of french fries. All the talk about fast food restaurants and how their salads are worse for you than the rest of the menu, thats not a lie, and i’m here to tell you that its not just fast food restaurants where this occurs, but in your own home too.

It’s quite easy to get into the idea that if you have a salad you’re in the elite. That your salad makes you fall somewhere between Posh Spice and Badass Mofo. Well you’re right, but you’re not right about the nutrients that go along with being on the elite salad spectrum. The second you start chomping on that Cobb salad loaded with dressing, is the second all that green goodness in between doesn’t get metabolized as it should. All the nutrients in the salad before the dressing no longer exist, your body won’t recognize them as nutrients because that ranch dressing is too busy clogging up your arteries for the nutrients to be absorbed. Your dressed salad is packed with sodium and sugar that peak your insulin levels and blood pressure. Causing nothing but havoc on your body. I don’t care if I look like Posh Spice while I eat my salad if I don’t make it into my 50’s because of my attempt at healthy eating habits that aren’t actually healthy eating habits than i’m no badass mofo at all. 

However, making your own dressings at home is simple, healthy and inexpensive. It’s not hard to develop recipes for dressings either. Pick your oils, I prefer avocado or olive. Both are great for you, and provide your body with good fats that protect your bodies immune system, lower cholesterol and insulin levels while helping speed digestion. Completely opposite of the store bought shit. Pick your vinegars, I enjoy red wine and white wine vinegar for savoury dressings, and rice wine vinegar for ones sweet such as a mango dressing. But don’t stop this from using any vinegar you prefer or have lying around waiting to be used. They all provide antioxidants that help support a healthy bowel, and help your body absorb nutrients.

If you have a blender you just whiz your ingredients together until they’re combined, a dash of salt and pepper and you’re usually good to go. If you’re whipping your dressings by hand and making your own hand emulsion  – I wish you and your wrist luck. It’s not impossible, it just takes forever.

Tomato Vinaigrette 

6-8 tomatoes, ripe

1 clove of garlic

1 tsp of sugar (sugar helps alter the acidity of the tomatoes, it makes it much more bearable)

1/4 cup of tomato puree (tomato sauce works fine)

1/3 cup of oil (your preference)

1/4 cup of white wine vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

Emulsify all your ingredients together until smooth, taste to make sure you’re happy with the results. Add more sugar if you are unimpressed with the acidity. Refrigerator life is 2 weeks.IMG_1717IMG_1721



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