Living Tacos

For this recipe, I was inspired a lot by previous jobs in the culinary field. But also one of my favourite recipe books Decolonize Your Diet. The recipes in the book are all Mexican – American plant based dishes for health and sustainability. The authors take your tastebuds right to authentic Mexico while providing readers insight on the cultures traditional eating and lifestyle habits.

When I develop recipes, especially Mexican – American recipes there is always one common ingredient, and that is lime juice. Lime Juice is so beneficial for the enhancement of flavour and for the addition of many hidden nutrients. For instance, it’s a common ingredient known for being a detoxifier. This means that it neutralizes hundreds of different chemicals found in our bodies and removes them from our body. Among most other citrusy fruits, lime juice is an anti-carcinogen, since it seems everything is giving us cancer these days we should particularly be looking for foods that combat against Cancerous cells. It also works amazing in face masks ladies and gentlemen  (1 tsp honey, 1/2 Avocado mashed, 2 drips of  Tea Tree Oil, 1 splash of Lime Juice, 1/4 Banana mashed and mixed into one sloppy mess, put it on your face for 20 minutes and your skin will thank you) Think it’s weird to put food on your face? Well I ask you why you would feed your skin with something you wouldn’t eat yourself? 

Any who, here’s the taco recipe you’ve been dying to try!

2 cobs of corn, brushed with oil and grilled and then sliced off the cob

1 tomato – diced small

1 Red Pepper – diced small

1 Orange Pepper – diced small

1 tbsp of lime juice

2 romaine hearts – chiffonade (just a fancy word for chopped thin)

1 avocado – sliced

Optional: Sour Cream, Cheese, Hot Sauce

Serves 3 (2 tacos per serving)

Start by grilling your corn

Combine your chopped peppers, tomatoes, and grilled corn with, salt, pepper and lime juice. Refrigerate overnight for the best flavour. Or use right now because you’re hungry as shit and already ate a few spoonfuls. 

Assemble two soft or hard tacos with romaine, avocado, and the corn mixture. If you’re daring add some sour cream, cheese, and hot sauce.

Don’t fret. These tacos are supposed to be served cold. IMG_1706


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