Grow Your Own

The best places to shop for your seasonal produce is in your garden. It is really simple too. Other than the amount of money you can save growing your own vegetables (which if you have a big enough operation can be hundreds of dollars), you can save your health too. Imagine how different your life would be if getting a snack or fetching dinner meant picking an apple or collecting your kale.

For me, gardening is a necessity. When summer comes, I free up the opportunity to save nearly all the money I spend on groceries because i’m a vegetarian, and so is my tortoise. Having to raise a tortoise in Ontario is extremely hard during the winter because everything we buy must be bought at grocery stores or grown indoors. But during the summer it is a solution for us, she gets all the nutrients needed to continue her growth and I get to save what seems like fortunes. We both get to eat a couple strawberries along the way too, which is our favourite. 

Back to the point, the process in which you create your garden is special. You get to decide the foods you’d like to grow, the same way you pick them up at the supermarket (but subtract out the added chemicals and pesticides) Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers… all your favourites in one place, your place. All your favourites, fresh and full of nutrients. Once you decide the variety of food you’d like to plant, you now have an excuse to go outside and get some exercise. Gardening is purposeful exercise and maintaining it is gratifying. So put away your wallets, hang up your car keys and plant yourself a garden. It is a way to relax, meditate, and refuel after a long day.

If you have children, this could be a way of getting them off that Ipad and outside. Have them pick berries, bring your berries indoors and bake a pie for all their help. Enhance your meals with the herbs you tended too. Fresh tomatoes for your BLT’s. Onions and garlic for all your savory, rich recipes. The possibilities are endless.
Your families will thank you. Your health will thank you. The earth will thank you.

StrawberriesHerbsRaddichioEsmereldas Garden


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